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Top 5 British Made Letterbox Gifts

While we keep our families, friends and colleagues safe this Christmas, it means there will be less interaction and less opportunities to give gifts in person, so postable gifts have become understandably popular. But fear not if you are shopping at our online site then unless it’s an instore exclusive then all of the items listed are postable and can be sent direct to your recipient. If your gift is over £25 then it will include free delivery – which is always a bonus. Should you wish – we will even gift wrap it and write a note  - all complimentary.  However, if you are looking for a letterbox gift (Something that can be posted straight through the letterbox without someone needing to be in or to open the door) then here’s our Top 5. 

No.5 - Embroidered Butterfly Brooch by Vicky Lafford £14. Fine fabrics are embroidered and delicately hand painted. Lightweight and delicate, but durable and wearable, these butterflies are unique due to the processes by which they are created. Lace like, means fabrics underneath will show through the holes, which makes it a lovely accessory not only for coats, cardigans and bags but also hats and scarves too. It can also be added to homewares such as cushions. With such versatility in its uses and such beauty in its creation, as well as being an affordable present there’s no wonder this gets into our Top 5. Shop Now 

No.4 - Glass Birds by Sarah Myatt £20.These are quirky and colourful and look stunning hanging in a window. Each one is individually handmade in Staffordshire. Sarah also makes Bees, Ladybirds, Sunshine, Foxes and Hearts. These all have universal appeal and so are great for numerous gift recipients such as Mums, Sisters, Aunties, friends, neighbours and Sister in laws. Although made from glass they are fairly flat, so once carefully wrapped (as we do with all our gifts) these are safe to post. Shop Now 

No. 3 - Jewellery by Circle and Dash From £28. Jewellery is always popular at Christmas and this lightweight colourful jewellery is no exception. Created using limited edition hand-painted papers that are handmade in their studios, Circle and Dash then compose the different designs before lacquering the papers to protect them. The jewellery is finished with silver fixings for earrings, and silver chains for necklaces. A great present for those that you know well, as you will be able to pick the colours you know they like. Shop Now

No. 2 - Imprinted Glass Tile by Lisa Ellul £18/£20 These decorative hanging tiles by Lisa Ellul feature delicate surface pattern created using seed heads, flowers and ferns. Each piece is fired in the kiln and areas have been delicately highlighted using colour or 24 carat gold leaf. This stylish gift would suit most homes and because it is small and compact everyone will have a place they can hang it. At just £18, or £20 for the gold leaf version your recipient is bound to think you paid more for such an elegant present. Shop Now 

No.1 - Appliqued Glasses cases by Irene Campsill £22. Whether it’s glasses for reading or sunglasses for summer holidays and winter sunshine, most of us have a pair. But have we got a stylish case to keep them in? What we like so much about these cases by Irene is that each one is completely different to the next. Working using vintage fabrics Irene applique’s and stitches her designs on the fabric, often creating woodland animals and garden birds on each one. Very lightweight and easy to send this gift would also be good if you have to post presents abroad. Being useful, beautiful, ethical, lightweight, unique and individually handmade means that Irene’s glasses cases take our top spot. Shop Now 

While that might be our Top 5 postable gifts. I have to mention Hannah Marchants seed cards which are a bit more than just a card. Taken from Hannah’s watercolour paintings of garden birds these cards are beautiful in themselves, but the added bonus is that the card is impregnated with seeds so you can plant it and watch it grow – what a fabulous idea. Shop Now 


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