'Coastal Contours' Exhibition at Ferrers Gallery

There's just something about being by the sea, that makes you take a big deep breath of that fresh salty air and relax. Whether on a day out with friends or on a holiday with family, there's nothing better than the feeling of sand between your toes and listening to the sounds of the waves breaking on the shore.

Gold Reflections At Godrevy Lighthouse
Ruby beau 'Gold Reflections At Godrevy Lighthouse'


Here in the UK we are home to some of the most stunning coastlines and beaches, that our very talented British based artists have captured in many forms of media, to be part of our 'Coastal Contours' exhibition. From intricate glass wave sculptures by Teign Valley, to magnificent oil paintings of lighthouses and sunsets over the sea by Ruby Beau, this exhibition truly explores the many beauties of the ocean.

Fun fact: The United Kingdom's oldest known dwelling was discovered at a cliff edge at Howick, in Northumberland. These dwellers were found to have lived around 9,600 years ago and used flint from the coast to make their tools.


Glass Wave, Teign Valley
Porcelain 'Whale', Sarah Livingstone
'Night Sailing' Claire Brierly (Click to view)

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