National Trust Walks in Leicestershire and Derbyshire

Circular Snowdrop Walks Through The National Trust

Snowdrops at Dimminsdale snowdrop garden in the national trust.

Enjoy the snowdrop season, with this lovely circular walk from The Ferrers Centre for Arts And Craft around the Staunton Harold estate and Dimminsdale & Spring Wood. The walk takes around 45 minutes and includes all of the key points of interest we have around us to view, including the Dimminsdale snowdrop garden, which blooms with blankets of beautiful snowdrops at this time of year.

Route Map


  • Start from The Ferrers Centre for Arts and Craft's entrance and follow the road past Staunton Harold Hall to Staunton lake.
  • Follow the path across the bridge, passing through the gate to the left-hand side and immediately through the next gate on the left.
  • Walk up and over the hill, past the bench and follow the wall around to where you will find a V-shaped stile. Don't forget to look back halfway up the hill, to admire the stunning view of the Staunton Harold Hall and Lake!
  • Once over the stile follow the pathway, keeping the road to your right-hand side.
  • You will get to a T junction where you want to follow the path left and then go over the V stile that will be to the right of the wall.
  • Follow this path, walking alongside the wall for about 10-15 minutes, until you come to the next stile to your left. Don't forget to look out for the keyhole stone carving!
  • Go over the stile and follow the path, taking the left and turning down the steps.
  • The path will bring you down into a car park, where you will find another pathway to the bottom left that brings you out onto the road.
  • Turn left through the stile and take a short walk alongside the road, until you reach the entrance into Dimminsdale Nature Reserve. You will find some interesting information about the wildlife that inhabits the woodlands on a sign here!
  • Enjoy a stroll through this beautiful woodland, keeping to the left where you will be taken up and around to the Dimminsdale & Spring wood snowdrop garden.
  • Take in the beautiful scenery of the snowdrops!
  • Carry on along the path, where you will come down to a V stile on your left.
  • Pass through the stile and follow the path, keeping the hedgerow to your left-hand side.
  • You will come to a road that will lead you back up left to the Ferrers Centre for Arts and Craft.
  • Enjoy a nice drink and bite to eat in the courtyard at The Stables Coffee shop or The Staunton Deli and browse the range of independent shops the courtyard is home to. Dogs welcome!

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