Capturing The Movement Of The Ocean With A Fusion Of Glass

"Our approach is to capture movement in either pattern or form. We make work that surprises us when its cold, each item will have a unique beauty we didn’t expect somewhere." - Teign Valley Glass

British craft fused glass wave sculpture, made in the Cornwall, UK.
(Image taken by Izzy Cooper, to view more images visit our Facebook Post)

British glass artisans, Teign Valley Glass, capture the movement of the ocean, with their magnificent fused glass wave sculptures, along with many other glass artworks. Situated on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon, this team of glass artists handcraft their pieces in an old pottery. Here, generations of glassmakers have preserved the traditional skills, that were first used in the old pottery around 35 years ago, making it a local landmark to the inhabitants of Dartmoor.

Teign Valley glass works in Dartmoor Devon (Image taken by Rachael Chambers, featuring Richard Glass of Teign Valley Glass manipulation)

Teign Valley Glass use a multitude of glass manipulation techniques, from glass blowing to glass fusion, creating stunning seascape vases and their famous fused glass wave sculptures, that we have on show in the Gallery. 

The Ferrers Gallery owner Rachael had the fabulous opportunity to go and visit Teign Valley Glass at their glassworks in Devon, to find out how the glass waves are made and even have a go herself! Visit our Facebook Post to read all about how Rachael got on and see her glass wave making in action.

British handmade glass wave sculpture(Image taken by Izzy Cooper, to view more images visit our Facebook Post)

During her visit down to Devon, Rachael was taken through step by step of how a fused glass wave is produced by experienced glass artist Richard Glass, from the very start of how the colour is chosen and created, to the final touches and finished piece. Click on the video below and see how Richard Glass turns molten glass into a sculptural masterpiece.

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