A 'Medley' of Ceramics


Exhibition - 29th April until 3rd July

Join us for our spring/summer art and craft exhibition and look forward to a heady mix of handmade British craftsmanship, spanning various mediums from ceramics and glass, to wire, wood and wool. 

Ferrers Gallery British arts and crafts exhibition

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Included in our list of British based artists for our upcoming exhibition, we will be exhibiting many ceramicists, who work with a multitude of different types of ceramics and techniques. It is always so interesting to see how artists interpret materials in so many various ways - from what they make, to how they make it!

Ferrers Gallery British arts and crafts

Meet the Makers 

Carole Glover


Carole Glover ceramics artist, at the wheel.

(Image taken from Carole Glover's website)

  "My love of “naive” early slipware pieces has encouraged me to incorporate traditional techniques into my own diverse range of thrown pots and sculptured forms." - Carole Glover

 Carole Glover is one of our very sought after artists, who has exhibited in many art Galleries and even had a piece featured in 'Homes & Antiques' magazine! Working with red earthenware clay, Carole uses traditional slipware decorating techniques, to produce her handmade pieces that give both a tactile and visual experience.
Traditional slipware techniques involve dipping, painting, piping or splashing the slip on the wet or leather-hard clay piece before it is fired, to produce the intricate patterns you can see as such, on Carole Glover's work. Carole combines this with a limited colour palette to produce her timeless pieces, that could become family heirlooms to be passed down through generations.

 Carole Glover display

 Ferrers Gallery British arts and crafts

Garry Jones 

Garry Jones posing for a selfie with his handmade ceramic bulls head

(Image taken from Garry Jones' Facebook Page)

“Before long I was making sheep and hares in my lunch breaks, rather than playing football or taking a nap – which ensued a lot of ‘Garry Potter’ mickey taking from the lads at work!” - Garry Jones on starting up his ceramics career

Garry Jones is a phenomenal ceramic artist, that we are so lucky to have exhibiting with us this year. Using a touch of word play, a mound of ceramic and endless creativity, Garry creates these striking animal wall pieces that overflow with charm and character! Each piece gets handmade by Garry and then painted by hand, giving each character their own quirky, unique personality.


Large handmade ceramic animal heads, mounted to the Gallery's brick wall.

 Ferrers Gallery British arts and crafts

Sarah Livingstone

 Sarah Livingstone porcelain

 (Image taken from Sarah Livingstone's website)

Porcelain has always fascinated me. It is so beautiful, delicate, and special...I have a lovely workshop based in an Old Mill on the side of the River Lune... Very often I will go and sit next to the river and get inspired with designs that seem to come from nowhere." - Sarah Livingstone

Taking inspiration from the River Lune, Morecambe Bay and the Lake District, Sarah produces her intricate sculptures and hangings, each individually handmade from porcelain and reclaimed wood. Sarah uses the sgraffito technique, combined with traditional cobalt blue and white colours, to create the depth and texture you can see so beautifully in her pieces.

The sgraffito technique consists of leaving the clay piece to go leather heard, before covering it with an underglaze. A tool is then used to scrape at the underglaze in the desired pattern, to reveal the underneath colour. In Sarah's case, a white porcelain is moulded into the desired shape, then a cobalt blue glaze is layered over the top, before the design is carved out by hand.

Sarah Livingstone ceramic porcelain hangers for sale

Ferrers Gallery British arts and crafts

We also exhibit many other ceramic artists in our Gallery, who explore a range of other techniques -

Blandine Anderson 

Blandine Anderson is another one of our porcelain artists, using layers of slip to build up her design and textures. A base sculpture is handmade and left to go leather hard, porcelain slip is then added in layers, using stencils, painting and incisions to create the patterns and textures. The piece is then biscuit fired, before oxides and glazes are added and is then fired again, to 1240 Centigrade. 

Blandine Anderson porcelain sculpture for sale

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Shirley Vauvelle

Shirley Vauvelle hand-makes assemblages, using white earthenware clay and found materials, renowned nationally and internationally for her quirky sculptures. Shirley forms the base shapes by hand, combined with under glazes and oxides to give the layers of colour. These are then assembled together with driftwood, wire, reclaimed maps, vintage magazines and other interesting items she finds from the local beaches.

Shirley Vauvelle ceramic sculpture for sale

(Click the image to view our collection of Shirley Vauvelle's ceramic hangings and sculptures for sale.)

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